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Whether you are looking for a brand new installation or want to replace the old existing heating system, we provide all the skill, equipment and parts necessary, along with a warranty to keep your house warm throughout the year.

Combi boilers are in high demand as they offer combined facility of both hot water and heating. We work with both homeowners, as well as landlords, with more than one property and offer the same level of service across the board.

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Underfloor heating will enhance the value of your property, it works by pumping temperature controlled water through plastic tubing embedded in the floor.

Each room has its own individual room thermostat so that each room can be controlled at different temperatures to suit your needs. Underfloor heating can be installed with most floor coverings, some working better than others, we are happy to discuss this with you.

For more information, or to arrange a visit by our qualified engineer for a no obligation estimate, please contact us.

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One of the main objectives of a power flush is to restore the correct circulation and flow rates that may have been reduced overtime and also remedy some unusual boiler noises - both caused by excess sludge and deposit build up.

Power flushing also features a prime purpose when installing a new boiler as it removes flux and other debris that may have been left over after installation.

Why we power flush

First, we make sure that the heating system is in need of a power flush.

The benefits of a clean heating system are:

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We are experienced in all types of domestic plumbing and consistently meet our customers' expectations.

General plumbing is one of the core services that we have been providing for many years in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire areas. No matter what the problem, or crisis might be, you can trust our professional and courteous team to fix any problem you have rapidly.

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Our experienced and helpful staff are always happy to help.

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